What are the different types of bricks?

Bricks are the most commonly used materials in the construction industry because of their appealing nature. They are also classified differently, which makes them perfect for different needs. Some are strengthened to offer durability, while others are manufactured for aesthetics only.

Sun-dried bricks

Also known as unburnt bricks, these types of bricks are mostly used for decorative purposes because they are the weakest. They are made from clay that is molded and dried directly under the sun.

Burnt bricks

These bricks are divided into four categories:

  • First-class bricks: These are the best quality bricks because they are made through table molding before they are put in a kiln. They are also strong and, therefore, more durable than all the other types.
  • Second-class bricks: These are ground-molded and, as such, don’t have the perfect shape or texture. They are also burnt in kilns, making them the second-strongest type of bricks.
  • Third-class bricks: These are like unburnt bricks and should only be used in temporary structures. Their weakness also means they can be damaged easily by water. They are ground-molded and burnt in clamps instead of kilns.
  • Fourth-class bricks: These are of low quality and are, therefore, not suitable for use in any construction. They are crushed and mixed with concrete before they are used.

Concrete bricks

These are made using sand, cement, coarse aggregates, and water. They can be custom-made into different sized and can be manufactured at the construction site.

Lime bricks

These are made with sand and lime and are perfect for improving the visual aesthetics of a building.

Engineering bricks

These bricks are engineered to increase strength and resist damaging elements like fire and water. They are ideal for basements or other areas likely to deal with a lot of moisture.

Fly ash bricks

Made using fly ash and water, these bricks have better resistance to thawing and freezing cycles. They are lightweight but strong and have lower water penetration, which makes them great for insulation.

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