The use of highly durable tectonic slate, new fixing systems and rain-screen cladding efficiency make CUPACLAD a competitive, totally sustainable alternative for cladding any type of facade.

CUPACLAD®, natural slate cladding systems

CUPACLAD® combines the latest fixing solutions together with our highly durable natural slate with theefficiency of ventilated cladding systems, to create a innovative and sustainable alternative for any kind of cladding requirement.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • Improves energy efficiency.

  • Provides the ability for continuous exterior insulation.

  • Provides the ability for continuous exterior insulation.

  • Highly durable.

  • Maintenance free.

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • Modern, Contemporary design.

  • Lightweight and versatile.

CUPACLAD® 101 LOGIC features a balanced design that highlights the unique texture and looks of the natural slate. CUPACLAD® 101 LOGIC system utilizes 16”x 8” slate with 2” overlaps that hide screws from view.

CUPACLAD® 101 RANDOM combines differing slate sizes, creating a dynamic and unique design. CUPACLAD® 101 RANDOM features 20”x 10”, 20”x 8” and 20”x 6” slate fitted horizontally. Our stainless steel screws are hidden by 2” slate overlaps, allowing our natural slate to shine as the main feature of the building.

CUPACLAD® 101 PARALLEL features a regular design with even joints. This results in a uniform and consistent layout that highlights the character of natural slate. CUPACLAD® 101 PARALLEL features 16”x 10” horizontally aligned slate installed with screws hidden from view.

CUPACLAD® 201 VANGUARD main feature is the combination of our largest size of slate and stainless steel clips resulting in a clean, contemporary appeal.

CUPACLAD® 201 VANGUARD features 24”x 12” slate fitted horizontally with visible clips.